Chinese philosophy voices:
«A great way starts from a small step»

It was that very step which was taken by several students of Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1999. They came to a decision to create a small design studio.

So it was just the beginning of a great way of the DPM company.

At first the design studio worked together only with the owners of small shops and office units. The company experts provided services on development of the technical assignments and implementation of engineering systems projects. In the course of time the number of customers was growing up and the developing projects were becoming larger and more complicated.

The company was augmenting its potential, it was on its upswing, so such success became an impulse for the expansion of its horizons and discovery new prospects.



    At the pre-investment stage we provide the following services:
  • Assistance to the Customer in choosing a plot of land in any region of Moscow;
  • Selection of a land plot in a database of the industrial parks of the RF;
  • Evaluation of technical and administrative risks of a land plot;
  • Opportunity and cost analysis of connection of the construction unit to the energy carriers;
  • Estimation of transport infrastructure on the plot;
  • Аnalysis of the availability of the field-oriented staff in the region;
  • Cooperation with the local public authorities.
    At the stage of sketch design we perform the following processes:
  • Development of a sketch design drawing;
  • Development of 3D-model building;
  • Fulfillment of the scale models of the building;
  • Photomontage of the future construction site into the current situation;
  • Development of site design project.
    Technical coordinator service implies performance of such processes as:
  • Obtaining of the city land plot development plan;
  • Development of the Special Technical regulations on fire safety;
  • Obtaining technical conditions for connection;
  • Organization of state (private) inspection;
  • Complex engineering investigations;
  • Obtaining permission for building;
  • Engineering supervision;
  • Commissioning of the facility.
    Project documentation development:
  • Project documentation shall be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. DPM develops all the sections of the design documentation necessary for getting positive conclusion of the inspection and a construction license.
    Development of detailed documentation:
  • Detailed documentation shall be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation. DPM develops all the sections of detailed documentation necessary for construction and erection works and commissioning.
    At the stage of construction:
  • The DPM company fulfills a full range of works of building inspection (designer supervision).


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