About company Architectural and engineering company DPM

Chinese philosophy voices:
«A great way starts from a small step»

It was that very step which was taken by several students of Moscow Power Engineering Institute in 1999. They came toa decision to create a small design studio. So it was just the beginning of a great way of the DPM company. At first the design studio worked together only with the owners of small shops and office units. The company experts provided services on development of the technical assignments and implementation of engineering systems projects. In the course of time the number of customers was growing up and the developing projects were becoming larger and more complicated. The company was augmenting its potential, it was on its upswing, so such success became an impulse for the expansion of its horizons and discovery new prospects.

To the beginning of 2006 a decision to step forward, to move to a new level, that implied a creation of new departments, enlarging of employees and increase in productivity was taken by the company.

The following subdivisions were created: engineering and architecture and constructional departments, Chief Project Engineers bureau, documentation approval authority, development department.

Our experts know that the best guarantee of a dynamic move is a constant learning of foremost methods and technics. In 2011 having a purpose to use advanced international practices in design, the DPM company has concluded partner agreements with well-known European consultants and architectural offices. They are our permanent business partners with whom we are still working. Our strive to success and implementation of advanced technologies guarantee a high quality of works execution. We don’t just give promises but we always confirm our words with actions.

Since 2006 and until now DPM has taken part in development of project documentation of more than 70 construction projects, the total square of which exceeds 2 000 000 sq.m. The major part of the buildings has been already finished and is in operation now.

Today DPM has experience in designing of buildings of different purposes and complexity. There are the following types of the buildings:

• Multi-family residential buildings, including skyscrapers;;
• Industrial buildings;
• Logistics complexes;
• Spa and hotel complexes;
• Offices and business centers;
• Multi-purpose complexes;
• Cultural facilities;
• Sports and educational institutions;
• Medical institutions;
• Auto service and dealer centers;
• Engineering structures and networks

DPM provides the customer with full range services of a general designer: concept creation of a future construction object and reconciliation with a city architect, project documentation development with protection in the relevant expert authorities, working documentation development with carrying out author and technical supervision.