In 2014 in Raysemyonovskoe of Serpukhov region a special correctional institution for handicapped children was opened.

The center is intended for kids from families with low-income and adoptive families and also for children left without parents. The school has 80 places. In a new educational center there are all necessary conditions for full rehabilitation of the pupils that is one of the main part of their effective social adaptation. The residential school is an experimental methodological platform. The main target of such approach is an experience exchange and implementation of new methods in work with children who need special conditions for education and upbringing. The preparation of the territory for construction of a new residential school started in 2006.

The site plot where the rehabilitation center has been built is 5 hectare.The total area of the center rooms is 5132,5 sq.m. There are educational, medical and office buildings. The center is located in an environmenally friendly picturesque place with rich history and healing climate, namely, in the forestland near the river Nara. At the beginning of the 19th century upon the initiative of the Marshal of the Court of Pavel I Alexander Nashchokin the first resort in Russia was created here.