On November 1, 2004 the Nissan company started its activity on the territory of Russia.

And after some years, in 2009 the production of Nissan automobiles was launched in St. Petersburg (in Pavlovo/ Kamenka). At the opened works LLC «PLANT NISSAN MANUFACTURING RUS» assembling of three car models: Nissan Murano, Nissan Teana, Nissan X-Trail is being executed. They were chosen for a definite reason. At that very moment they were the most demanded vehicle models among the Russian buyers. The opening of production gave 1500 workplaces for the citizens of our country. Like any modern enterprise, the plant launched a website which contained relevant information on the products, company news and its contact details, customer reviews, data on available vacancies and so on. The web portal deeply impresses with its dynamism, as information is updated daily.

The products of the plant are distinguished by its excellent quality which is highly competitive with Japanese one and are not almost distinguished from the imported vehicles.
The only one thing, which is different, is the price, which is much lower in comparison with the foreign counterparts. Such economy was achieved due to the absence of the import duties on the border. This factor became a key one when making decision about the opening of LLC «PLANT NISSAN MANUFACTURING RUS» in St.Petersburg in Kamenka at Komendantsky avenue. Selection of the model range (Nissan Murano, Nissan Teana, Nissan X-Trail) was conditioned by the length of the assembly line on which the production of low-cost cars would not profitable as it ended only in the middle of the assembly line. In its turn, this would significantly reduce the number of available workplaces at the enterprise.