A new stadium with 30 thousand seats is aimed for holding the Russian Championship and football matches of international level, athletic trainings and music performances.

The building is a part of multi-functional complex including offices and hotels; it is considered in the concept of general city-planning solution of Khodynka field. The stadium closes the perspective of the former flight-strip of the Central Airfield named after Frunze, and it is seen from Berezovaya Roshcha passage. It determined the form of the stadium (compact, rectangular, surrounded along the perimeter with the roundabout gallery raised above the ground) as well as the placement of the altitude dominant idea: south- west angle of the construction site is fixed by the tower with the height of 45 storeys. The height of the stadium is 7-9 storeys. The cover is made in the form of metal structure with light transmitting filling and a roundabout gallery at the level of the 2nd floor. It has a rectangular opening over the playing field.