A-Class business center is located in a prestigious business district in the south-west part of Moscow.

In spite of high business activity area the complex is surrounded by natural landscape. The complex conssts of 19 storeys, the main architectural peculiarity of which is a trick of rectangular facades, each of them represents a well-known technique of modernistic architecture. A smaller facade is cut by ribbon windows, one by one marking each floor of the building. At the same time a larger facade is cut by vertically extended windows, catching two or thre floors each. The trick doesn’t end here, it continues at a level of form making itself.
Absolutely straight facade easily neighbours with a spferical one. A created contrast of verticals and horizontals, volumes and planes gives an intriguing rhythm for all the building, reducing visually its dimensions at the same time giving it an unusual, almost cosmic view. The south-east district where the business center is located, is distinguished by its high business activity. Being surrounded by the developed infrastructure, however, the complex is located on the natural landscape that creates a kind of buffer zone keeping it from bustle of metropolis.