It is an office and residential complex with institutions of social infrastructure (complex of luxurious villas «Italian city block»).

The number of storeys is not the same and it varies from 2 to 10. The maximum height is approximately 39 meters. The building above the ground level represents a radial system of buildings which forms yards that have a staircase configuration with increase of the number of storeys up to 10. Under the whole contour of the area there is a general underground space with a substructure including 2 storeys. The depth of the pit under the building is approximately 10 meters. A monolithic reinforced concrete «wall in the ground» with thickness of 600 mm is used as its walling. It has an anchor system in one or two layers made in the shape of struts. In the corners the brace sluts are provided.

The perimeter of a construction pit walling is approximately 625 meters. The foundation of the building is monolithic reinforced concrete slabs of various thicknesses (to 1000 mm). Each villa in «Italian city block» has from 12 to 35 flats with the total area from 45 to 300 sq. m. The total area of the building surrounding grounds is 15 000 sq. m. There is everything for a comfortable life. The infrastructure includes a kindergarten, a grocery twenty-four-hour minimarket, a café, a fitness-club, a beauty salon, 25-meters swimming pool, bank branches. There is also a car wash and an underground parking space for 700 places. The entrance to the parking place is from two directions: from the Dolgorukovskaya street and from the Pykhov-Tserkovny passage.