Business center «Linkor» is a modern A-class building which is situated on the Leningradsky avenue just in 1 km of the Third Ring Road.

The construction site is on the territory of the Khodynka field within measurable distance of the economic center of Moscow. The project of the business center «Linkor» was developed by the well-known architects Bokov A. and Kuzymin A. The building consists of 2 uneven parts: 4 and 15-storeys. These two buildings have a connection on the 3rd and 4th floor and there are nine elevators of the OTIS company. The space between the buildings forms a passage. Full-height and staned- glass windows provide wonderful natural lighting of the rooms during daylight hours.
Office center «Linkor» is equipped with up-to-date utility systems: centralized supply and exhaust ventilation, central conditioning system, fire alarm system and automatic fire supression and water and energy supply. The city infrastructure near the business center impresses with its variability. Complementary to the ordinary enterprises there are a fitness-club, a sports complex, a beauty saloon, an avia booking office and a car rental agency.