The residential complex «House on Burdenko» is a unique stock construction

The residential complex «House on Burdenko» is a unique stock construction unit including two small residential buildings with office rooms on a basement level as well as an adjoining two- storey villa. Two sections of the house have a single entrance with high ceilings where there is a reception hall, elevators, a security desk and several service rooms.
There are 33 flats with total area from 110 to 230 sq.m.,there are no more than two or three apartments on each floor. On the roof of 5-storey section there is a terrace which is made as a comfortable recreation zone. This part of the building has green grass, is partly paved with clinker bricks and has transparent wallings. A green roof crowns a roof of the villa as well.
Stylish facades of the house are decorated with clinker bricks of high quality. Such material is distinguished by high strength, resistance to sharp temperatures drop and water resistance. Besides, it’s unusual color palette from warm shades of clay to deep tons of coal crumbs gives an exclusive charm and elegance. The best utility systems provide a supreme comfortable residence in the center. They are created on the base of innovative technologies: central air conditioning and ventilation, modern individual climate-control system in the rooms, «smart house» system, water-treatment system, local heating unit , automation and dispatching control of utility facilities.