Near the Patriarchiye Ponds the most luxurious chamber residental De luxe building was built in Moscow.

It is located in a quiet quarter in the heart of our capital, namely, in the depth of the triangle made by Granat and Vspolyny alleys and Spirdonovskaya street. The placement of the house itself determines its high status: the city gentlefolks settled on these streets and around them and in Soviet times they were appeciated by the party elite. Nowadays it is an embassy area, where it is prestigious, quietly and comfortably to live. The house оn Granatny is a unique building where each detail has been thought over and the luxurious decoration elements don’t seem to be needless, quite the contrary they are in harmorny with the whole building. The elegant facade clad in granite with its stained glass is simmetrically decorated by airy pillars that bring us backin the era of the Stalinist Empire style. The spacious halls and public recreation areas astonish by its luxury of the description out of finewood and natural stone where one can notice nostalgy for the Soviet and imperial dimension of those times.

The house on Granatny alley empodies an idea of a club chamber where each family feels itself an owner of an estate in the city center. There are only 17 exclusive flats, some of them have spacious terraces, where you can spend a quiet summer evening in the family circle. Here is a new modern type of city apartments, namely luxurious duplexes with a piece of park near the house. The last floor of the building is occupied by a skyline penthhouse surrounded by terraces. There is a fitness club, a men’s cigary club with a billard room, female saloon with a library and a childen’s playroom for the residents and their guests.